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8BitBoy 1.43 – New animations and shooting algorithms

8BitBoy Development Posted on Thu, July 17, 2014 10:32:35

– Added animations when shooting

– New shooting algorithm (more precise angular calculations and timing)

– World 1 more lush setting

– Ducks flying in the background

– Several minor optimizations and bug fixes

– HUD elements redesigned

– New font for score and redesigned fonts for stats

8BitBoy 1.42 Change log

8BitBoy Development Posted on Tue, May 27, 2014 23:10:26

The Bullet trails and being able to direct them upwards, does a huge difference and it adds so much fun and creativity to shooting. It’s all geometry.

Such a huge impact this has made for the game, it’s hard to believe it if you haven’t tried it.

Time to add some visual effects and graphics for the Power Ups and HUD display with new fonts.

Several users have requested support for analog sticks, and I finally got around to make that happen. Happy to meet your requirements as always.

– New awesome bullet trails, different for single and double shot
– Ability to shoot upwards when ducking.
– Long trails on bullets adds creativity to shooting
– New fonts in HUD
– Bullet splashes matches bullet colors
– Analog stick support
– New shield sprite
– Power Up animations added
– Canon ball effect when stepped on
– Canon ball effect when hitting ground
– Canonball has predictable pattern
– Boss/Game pad bug fixed

8BitBoy 1.41 Change log

8BitBoy Development Posted on Fri, May 23, 2014 21:51:44

– Snake can’t die by being shot with double shot a single time. Fixed.
– Beating final boss more than once get’s you stuck. Fixed.
– Plant life variation in World 1
– Numerous new graphics in World 2
– After world 2 boss world map craches. Fixed.
– Dynamic changing snow in World 3
– Difficulty tweaking in all levels in World 1 and world 2
– Sliding issue in 5-8 fixed (couldn’t reach hidden tunnel)
– Various graphical updates to World 5 indoor

8BitBoy 1.40 – The Big Update

8BitBoy Development Posted on Thu, May 22, 2014 09:00:10

Time for another update. Some of these things has been underway for several weeks, but have been waiting on the big 1.40 update to be revealed. This includes the long awaited new player psychics and more snappy movement overall to reduce difficulty level substantially.

1.40 Change log

– New and completely rebuild player psychics. Much more responsive thus substantially lowering difficulty.
– Player acceleration and deceleration more snappy
– Player jump strength and airtime increased for more control
– Dynamic weather effects improved and weather stopping at death fixed.
– Improved visual effects on enemies and player
– Visual improvements and variation in World 1 theme

Together with the improvements in 1.39, including completely new player animations and reload functionality, 8BitBoy is improving by leaps and bounds in a matter of weeks. I’m not stopping though, this is just the beginning.

8BitBoy 1.39 – Dynamic weather and auto reload option

8BitBoy Development Posted on Thu, May 22, 2014 08:58:22

Lots of changes in this update, including numerous improvements. Here just a few:

1.39 Changelog:

– Option to reload last save when dying. (many request for this one)
– Dynamic weather effects in World 2 and 3
– The bug bug fixed. Bug could kill you when standing just above it.
– Level 1-9 difficulty lowered a bit.
– Animated and dynamic loading screen

Changelog 8BitBoy 1.1.3

8BitBoy Development Posted on Sat, December 08, 2012 20:56:16


Ironed out some performance bugs. Power-ups has also been balanced more, so you don’t receive the 10-coin as often.


Both difficulty modes has received additional time for exploring. Kiddy mode has received most additional time.


Due to critique that 8BitBoy is too hard for most gamers, I have made two difficulty modes – Kiddy and Retro.

Kiddy has autosave after each level.

Retro is the original mode.

Final release version

8BitBoy 1.1.2 – Two difficulty modes

8BitBoy Development Posted on Wed, December 05, 2012 20:58:56

8BitBoy is too hard for many users (and reviewers!) and that’s why I decided to make a kiddy mode. The kiddy mode autosaves the game after each level and thus making it much much easier to complete.

New scrolling mechanics

8BitBoy Development Posted on Sat, November 17, 2012 15:03:23

Instead of the temporary static placement of player one, I have made a new dynamic scrolling algorithm. This is so much more smooth than before and even though this doesn’t do anything other than the scrolling, it still makes the controls feels so different and so much more natural.

I haven’ t been able to get this to work until today, so this is a huge deal for me. I had almost given up on that.

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