The every level in every world is undergoing a design overhaul. This is to make some of the first levels I made for the game, up to the standard of the complexity of the later levels. This also means alternative routes and much more content.

This is also to stash a lot more hidden places in even more inventive ways. 8BitBoy has so much hidden content you won’t believe it. Most people isn’t going to find many of these hidden spots, but just knowing they are there to find, makes the game that much more exciting to play. And it’s e

– All levels in World 1 to 3 has received a major design overhaul.

– Level 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4 has received a design overhaul and new hidden places or – alternative routes to exit.

– Extra warp zone hidden early in World 1 & World 4.

– New loading screen for game booting up.

– More time to complete each level (time for exploration).